Hospital Curtain Track Equipment

We’re showing you every piece of hospital curtain track equipment needed to setup curtain track and explaining every piece of hardware for easy installation.

Curtain Track and Hardware

Hospital Curtain Track Equipment

There are many different pieces of curtain track hardware that you will need to setup your completely setup you curtain track. We’re going to go through every piece that you will need. Let’s start off with the basics with Straight Curtain Track. All of this curtain track comes with the option of being silver or powder coated white.

Straight Curtain Track

Straight Track is used when you need hospital curtains to go straight for an 8 ft. distance. Depending on the setup you are looking for, you may only need one piece of straight track for your main setup. This track can also be connected to curved track with hardware shown below.

Curved Curtain Track

This style of curved track is 2′ x 2′ and curved at a 90° angle. Curved track is used when you are working your hospital curtains around corners, beds or any other obstacle. This track can be connected to straight track with the hardware shown below.

45° curved track

This style of curved track is 2′ x 2′ and curved to a 45°.  Curved track is used when you are working your hospital curtains around corners, beds or any other obstacle. This track can be connected to straight track with the hardware shown below.

Splicing Clamp

Splicing clamps are the curtain track hardware necessary to join two pieces of  straight track together. Anytime two pieces of straight track meet, you will need one splicing clamp. There is more hardware to connect straight track to curved track below.

End Stop

End stops are needed when your curtain track does not meet a wall. After your hospital curtain is in place you can this end stop on to prevent the carriers from falling off of the track.

Snap Out Fitting

Snap out fittings are used to easily snap off your end stops. When you need to clean or replace your hospital curtains, the end stops may be difficult to get off by themselves. Snap out fittings are not necessary but highly recommended for easy replacement of your hospital curtains.

Single Carrier

Single carriers are need to be placed every 6″ to hold the weight of your hospital curtains. If you have 8 ft. of tracking you will need 16 single carriers. Single carriers glide with your curtain tracking and attach to your hospital curtains. – 1/2″ Width.

Breakaway Single Carrier

Breakaway Single Carriers are another carrier option. They also need to be placed every 6″. Both carriers work well but we have found better reviews on our drop chain single carriers. Breakaway single carriers also have a 1/2″ width.

Ceiling Clip

Ceiling Clips are used to mount curved and straight curtain track to the ceiling. Place ceiling clips ever 3″ for proper and secure installation.

Joining Sleeve

Joining Sleeves are used when connecting straight track to curved track. These do come with a left and right side option. Be certain you know which side is needed when selecting your joining sleeves.

Suspended Tubing Track Hardware

If you have a tall ceiling, or if there are obstacles on the ceiling where you need your curtain track to be placed, there is also a suspended tubing curtain track method.

Curtain Track Quotation Forms

If you need help figuring out the exact amount of curtain track hardware that you need you can fill out a quotation form and email is to  They will provide you with an exact quote with every piece of track and hardware that you will need.

Quotation Form
Quote Form

Flexible Curtain Track

Flexible Curtain Tracking

Flexible curtain track comes in 8′, 16′ and 105′ lengths. If you are in need of a section of flexible curtain track in one of those specific lengths, this may be your best option.

Hospital Curtains

Hospital Curtains

You can also find a wide variety of hospital curtains with many different pattern options. This selection includes many LEED certified curtains, EZ Swap snap on hospital curtains, shower curtains and privacy screens.


Elite First Aid Kits

Elite First Aid Kits can come in handy during any situation. Saving elite first aid kits around the home will allow you to quickly give care to anyone.

Elite First Aid Kits

Elite First Aid Kits
There are many different styles and types of elite first aid kits. We’re going to go over a few of the handiest elite first aid kits and show you where to find more.


One of the most compact elite first aid kits available, but don’t let that fool you. This medic bag is full of anything one would need in a emergency situation. Also folding three different ways for quick access to all of your first aid supplies.

4 Abdominal Pads – 5″ x 9″
2 Adhesive Tape Rolls
16 Alcohol Wipes
15 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
2 Bandage Gauzes – 4″ x 4 yds
16 Bandage Strips – 1″ x 3″
1 Bleedstop Bandages
1 Burn Aid Packages
15 Clean Wipes
1 EFA First Aid Book
1 Elastic Bandage – 6″
1 EMT Shears – 7.5″
1 Eye Pads
2 First Aid Cream Package
1 Hand Soap
2 Instant Ice Pack
15 Iodine Wipes
1 Irrigation Syringe
2 Latex Examination Gloves (pair)
1 Lip Treatment
10 Pain Relievers
1 Pill Bottle
6 Safety Pins
1 Splint
1 Stainless Steel Hemostat
1 Sterile Flushing Solution
4 Sterile Sponges – 4″ x 4″
1 Suture Sets
2 Tongue Depressors
1 Tourniquet
1 Triangular Bandage – 40″ x 40″ x 56″
2 Triple Antibiotic Packages
1 Tweezers


This is a compact, lightweight elite first aid kit that also holds everything you need when it comes to immediate medical attention.

3 Abdominal Pads – 5″ x 9″
1 Adhesive Tape Rolls
1 Airway
2 Ammonia Inhalants
12 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
2 Bandage Gauzes – 4″ x 4 yds
16 Bandage Strips – 1″ x 3″
2 Bleedstop Bandages
5 Butterfly Closure Strips
1 EFA First Aid Book
2 Elastic Bandage – 2″
1 EMT Shears – 7.25″
1 First Aid Cream
12 Iodine Wipes
1 Latex Examination Gloves (pair)
1 Multi Trauma Dressing
10 Pain Relievers
1 Stainless Steel Hemostat
2 Sterile Sponges – 4″ x 4″
1 Suture Sets
1 Tourniquet Non Pneumatic
1 Triangular Bandage
1 Tweezers


This is one of our largest medical kits available. Think of any last item that you would need inside a emergency medical kit, and we mean ANYTHING, the elite first aid fa140 stomp medical kit has it. And more than likely more than one.

10 Abdominal Pads – 5″ x 9″
3 Adhesive Tape Rolls
9 After Bite Wipes
4 Airways
20 Alcohol Wipes
20 Ammonia Inhalants
25 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
100 Assorted Size Bandage Strips
20 Bandage Strips – 2″ x 3″
4 Bleedstop Bandages
1 Blood Clotting Spray
1 Blood Pressure Cuff Kit
5 Burn Aid Packages
1 Burn Spray
10 Butterfly Strips
1 Calamine Lotion – 6 oz
1 Cervical Collar
2 CPR Mask
1 EFA First Aid Book
6 Elastic Bandage – 2″
3 Elastic Bandage – 6″
2 Elastic Bandage Gauze – 4.5″ x 4 yds
2 Emergency Blankets – 52″ x 84″
2 EMT Shears
5 Eye Pads
10 Gauze Sponges – 2″ x 2″
1 Hand Sanitizer – 2 oz
1 Instant Glucose
3 Instant Ice Pack
100 Iodine Wipes
2 Israeli Dressing – 4″
2 Israeli Dressing – 6″
20 Knuckle Bandages
5 Latex Examination Gloves (pair)
2 Lip Treatment
2 Multi Trauma Dressings – 20″ x 30″
3 Needle Probe
40 Pain Relievers
1 Pen Light
3 Quik Clot
6 Safety Pins
2 SAM/Universal Splint
6 Scalpel Blades
1 Scalpel Handle #3
10 Skin and Eye Wash
4 Stainless Steel Hemostat
5 Sterile Sponges – 4″ x 4″
1 Stethoscope
5 Suture Sets
5 Tongue Depressors
3 Triangular Bandages
20 Triple Antibiotic Packages
1 Tweezers

Here you can find prices and extended descriptions on each emergency medical kit


Ferno Ambulance Cots

Ferno Ambulance Cots have innovative features to help maintain proper mechanics while loading and unloading the ambulance. We’re showing many Ferno Models.

Ferno Ambulance Cots

Ferno Ambulance Cots
We’re reviewing many styles and types of Ferno Ambulance Cots. You have a wide variety to select from. Each has been designed with innovative features and a full range of accessories that makes handling patients of all sizes easier and improves the quality and comfort of patient care.

Ferno Model 28 Flex Roll-in Chair Cot 28 Flex Roll-In Chair Cot

This provides maximum versatility in even the most confining environments. Lightest Weight roll-in style cot at 69 lbs, making it easy to handle in any Swing-Up Undercarriage allows “one-man®” loading and unloading of empty cot.

Ferno model 30NM MRI Mobile Gurney StretcherFerno Model 30NM MRI Mobile Gurney

Completely non-magnetic and is capable of bring any patient directly into an MRI room. This industry standard gurney has proven its quality time and time again.

Ferno Model 35-A Mobile Transport Gurney
Ferno Model 35-A Mobile Transporter X-Frame Ambulance Cot

Exceptional value for x-frame users. This gurney weighs only 74 lbs and has a record of dependability with over 20 years of use by ems services.

There are many other styles and types of Ferno Ambulance Cots. View even more options with detailed specifications and prices at Ferno Ambulance Cot Details. If you have any questions on these or any other items please feel free to give our friendly customer service a call LIVE HELP M-F 8:00AM – 4:30PM (CST) – (800)328-5343.


State Chemical Invisilube®

State Chemical Invisilube®

Heavy-Duty Clear Aerosol Grease. Invisilube® is designed for specific applications where clear lubrication is necessary.

State Chemical Invisilube


State Chemical Invisilube® is designed to be a clear coated lubricant for every need. In it’s purest form Invisilube ® works as a clear coated heavy-duty aerosol grease. Perfect for anywhere grease needs to be applied and even better for noticeable locations.

Viscous Gel Lubricant Once it sets up, Invisilube clings to vertical and overhead surfaces without dripping or running off.

Clear and Non-Staining Perfect for use on door hinges, exercise equipment, wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Contains Liquaset Liquid Spray – penetrates deeply into hard to reach areas on machinery and equipment, then “sets up,” becoming a highly viscous lubricant.

Contains PTFE – Makes Invisilube an ultra slippery, ultra versitile, heavy duty lubricant.

Easy to Use/Saves – Time Complete lubricating system in an aerosol form. No need for grease guns or pumps.

For more information on the application and many uses of State Chemical Invisilube® you can visit


FDI ErgoTech ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches

These lightweight FDI ErgoTech ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches make it easy to get around in any situation. These are the easiest forearm crutches to maneuver.

Lightweight Forearm Crutches

FDI ErgoTech ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches

soft replaceable forearm pad, super soft grips and a deep cuff for improved comfort and security. If you want to step away from the norm and want an ultra-light performance crutch, look no further than the FDI OptiComfort crutch.

FDI OptiComfort Crutches

FDI is actually offering three different styles of crutches including the Opticomfort forearm crutches they also have FDI ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches. The ErgoDynamic forearm crutches are lightest crutches in the world with an integrated shock absorber. The unique shock absorber is integrated into the upper shaft and utilizes an exclusive in-handle linkage system offering smooth, silent operation.

and last but not least, the FDI ErgoTech ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches has a design setup specifically for the for mentioned FDI ErgoTech. Advantages to this style of crutch include its smart button activated “fold-up” handle design collapses into a compact, space savig and ready to travel crutch.

You now have your option between 3 of the lightest weight forearm crutches in the entire world that come at low costs to you. Ocelco, Inc. is bringing you these crutches at wholesale pricing, making it quick and easy to order your crutches from anywhere in the world.


New Ocelco, Inc. Products

New Ocelco, Inc. Products

Ocelco has added a few products in their growing list of options for you. Here you can take a look at all of the new Ocelco, Inc. Products.

The Maddak Sliding-Rotating Transfer Bench

Maddak Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench

The Maddak Sliding-Rotating Transfer Bench allows you to slide into your shower or bathtub without worrying about the ledge. You can easily move along the bench with little effort needed to safely get in and out of your bathtub or shower.

Rotating swivel top allows for easier transfers into the bathing area and greater accessibility.
Height adjustable from 16 – 23″ (40.6 – 58.4 cm), in 1/4″ (.64 cm) increments.
Exclusive Quick-Change Leg design with indentification markings makes adjusting height simple.
Legs, back and arm are removable for easy transport and storage.
Built-in soap tray, shower spray holder and 2 slots for the shower curtain.
Easy to assemble; no tools required.
Weight capacity 450 lb. (204.5 kg).

Yungatart Raised Toilet Seat

Yungatart Raised Toilet Seat

The Yungatart raised toilet seat is contoured and has a wider surface for more comfort and stability.

Standard seat for use on top of toilet
Fits round and elongated toilets
Securely holds standard mug
Contour and wider surface for more comfort and stability
Front and back recess for easy reach in
Four non-skid pads on bottom

Yungatart Contoured Walker Tray

Improve your walkway space with the Yungatart Contoured Walker Tray.

Improved walkway space
Adjustment spacers for more stable fit
Securely holds standard mug
Recessed area for holding utensils, etc.
Improved handle holding clearance
Fits higher percentage of standard walkers
Adjustment spacers are removable
Share™™ is the world leading distributor in non-magnetic MRI equipment. They are unparalleled when it comes to quality low cost MRI equipment. Supplying everything you need to fill your entire MRI environment.™ has recently released a complete non-ferrous PVC product line as well as Non-Ferromagnetic equipment. They’ve recently received CE certification for multiple products.™

Safety is their main priority. Every product shipped out of their facility is carefully checked with a high powered, handheld magnet and marked as MR safe, MR Conditional, or MR Unsafe. We continually work with all of our manufacturers to ensure safety and proper designation.™ supplies you with everything from MRI Wheelchairs & Stretchers to Walkers & Patient Transfer Items. They even supply everything from MRI stools & furniture to MRI Safety Signs & Safety Stickers, and so much more.

MRI Trasnport™ even supplies you with everything you need to update and maintain your equipment. From maintenance parts to maintenance tools, they have you covered. Non-magnetic material is expensive and maintaining your equipment is essential to make it last as long as possible. You can greatly increase the life of your equipment regularly scheduled maintenance.

MRI Maintenance

If you need proper instructions on how to repair or maintain this equipment,™ is happy to help and only a phone call away. View™’s customer service, or call 1-866-529-3526.™, unmatched price points, incomparable service & worldwide shipping­


What to do When You’re in a Wheelchair and the Tornado Siren Sounds

Tornadoes seem to be Mother Nature’s favorite go-to natural disaster as of late. And I gotta admit – all of this spontaneous death-twisting is getting on my poor nerves. Ever since I saw Twister in 1996, tornadoes were no longer “cool.” They were death-traps, something I never wanted to be anywhere near or close to again. It’s hard enough getting away from a tornado when you CAN walk, let alone trying to get away unscathed when you use a wheelchair. We’re going to show you What to do When you’re in a Wheelchair and The Tornado Siren Sounds.


For us in Minnesota, we know all too well of the surging tornado activity. We led the nation last year with the most tornado touchdowns, with 104 officially recorded. And June is our most active month for tornadoes. In May 2011, parts Tornado wheelchair safetyof North Minneapolis were decimated by a tornado that dropped out of no where, killing 2 people and injuring 29. Even as I write this, I’m looking at a gorgeous yet dangerous sky – in layers of blue, white, and a very dark grey. The sky is becoming unstable, and once again I’m pondering my exit strategy in case the unthinkable happens.


This great article is by Tiffiny Carlson Read more at and find Fema Tornado Safety Tips.


Know How a Wheelchair Should Fit Your Body

Alternative forms of mobility are often used by individuals with paralysis, most often a wheelchair.  Knowing how a wheelchair should fit your body is helpful. As a consumer, it is good to have an idea about what is needed to be specific for your body.  It has been estimated that 80-90% of individuals are not properly fitted in their current wheelchair as their bodies and needs change over time.

A great article by Nurse Linda.


Ocelco’s New Website

New Website

We feature in many of our articles. They are now proud to announce the launch of their brand new website. now allows you to view larger images of all of the products that you are looking for, as well as a new, stylish, and clean look.

Ocelco Home

Ocelco appreciates you taking a look at their new website but that’s not all that has changed at Ocelco. They have also lowered their pricing on many products, as well as adding completey new products.

Ocelco Products

So what exactly does Ocelco offer you? Every piece of medical equipment that you could ever need. From wheelchairs and canes to bath safety items, and everything inbetween. Just go to their website to browse the selection shown on the homepage.

We also have multiple posts on this blog dedicated to the equipment that ocelco offers. Search for the item your looking for on our blog, find the information you need, then click on the image to go to the suppliers website to find out a price.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to call Ocelco’s friendly customer service at 1-800-328-5343. They will answer all of your questions and further direct you to the products or information that you are looking for.

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