Armrest Assembly Parts

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We show many different stores to find Armrest Assembly Parts. These stores have everything you need to find any Armrest Assembly Part that you should need.

WheelchairParts Armrest Assembly Parts supplies you with every armrest assembly part that you would need for manual and adaptive seating wheelchairs. From arm pads to sockets and button locks, They have you covered.


armrest assembly partsPadded Wheelchair ArmrestsUrethane Wheelchair Armrest

There are plastic, padded & urethane wheelchair armrests. The most important parts when looking at the correct armpads for you are looking to see if you need a desk length or full length armpad and also looking for the proper hole spacing’s.

Button Locks & Armrest Sockets

Button LocksArmrest Sockets and Guides

There are wheelchair button locks for many styles of chairs, arms, and footrests. Finding the right button lock is a great way to save money so you do not have to replace your entire wheelchair arms, wheelchair footrests, or any other part your button locks will be used for and armrest sockets are no exception.

Skirt Guards, Padding & Accessories

Skirt Guards / Clothing GuardsDetachable ArmrestsArmrest Accessories

Another way to save instead of buying a entirely new armrest assembly is to find the correct skirt guard or detachable armrest. If everything else on your armrest is fine then you should look in to replacing the skirt guard or pads that you are looking for.

Find all of the armrest assembly parts that you will need at and don’t stop there. has or can find every manual wheelchair part that you are looking for if it has not been discontinued!

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MRI Non-Magnetic Furniture

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When it comes to MRI Non-Magnetic Furniture you do have a lot of stylish and homelike options. We’re showing you many options of MRI Furniture to select.

MRI Non-Magnetic Furniture

Show product details for Non-Magnetic MRI ChairShow product details for Non-Magnetic MRI SofaShow product details for Non-Magnetic MRI End TableShow product details for Non-Magnetic MRI Coffee TableShow product details for Non-Magnetic MRI Pediatric Solid Oak TableShow product details for Non-Magnetic MRI Pediatric Chair


This furniture gives patients a much needed comforting effect. First time MRI patients can get nervous about the procedure, especially in pediatric MRI’s. Every last thing that your facility can do to make people more comfortable should be a top priority. You can find all of the shown furniture and more at

There are different sizes and colors available to each chair, couch, and table. All of this furniture is made with completely non-magnetic parts and is safe to place in any MRI units and or surrounding areas. If you have any questions on the shown MRI Non-Magnetic Furniture please comment or contact MRIequip’s friendly Customer Service.

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Non-Magnetic MRI Step Stools

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Non-Magnetic MRI Step Stools are necessary in your MRI Environment. They help patients get on your MRI bed as well as help doctors reach anything necessary.

Non-Magnetic MRI Step Stools

MRI Non-Magnetic Step Stool without HandrailsMRI Non-Magnetic Step Stool with Single 41" HandrailMRI Non-Magnetic Narrow Double Step Stool with HandleNon-Magnetic MRI Step Stools

You have a few different options when selecting your non-magnetic MRI step stools. Determine the height you need along with the number of steps. Another option is handrails, you may need these to help patients who need walking aids or are having a hard time supporting themselves for any reason. You are also able to determine your handrail height and if you would like one or two handrails.

PVC Non-Magnetic MRI Step Stools

MRI Non-Magnetic PVC Single Step StoolPVC Non-Magnetic MRI Step StoolsMRI Non-Magnetic PVC Double Step Stool with Rubber Tips, Handrail on Both Sides


MRIequip also supplies you with the option of PVC Non-Magnetic MRI Step Stools. These products are also very durable and can be a cost effective alternative to stainless steel step stools. PVC Step Stools have all of the same options that Stainless steel step stools.

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Non-Magnetic MRI Lights

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We’re showing you a vast selection of Non-Magnetic MRI Lights. Lighting is a necessary part of your MRI Environment and we are showing all of your options.

Non-Magnetic MRI Lights

MRIequip has extensive experience dealing with MRI Lighting Products. They have many different selections to choose from including mobile lighting, ceiling lights, and more. They also supply replacement bulbs, transformers, and more. MRIequip has selected the top Non-Magnetic MRI Lights for you to choose from. Since they’ve been dealing with this equipment for a long time they know which manufacturers supply the most durable and longest lasting lighting.

Non-Magnetic MRI Ceiling Mount Lighting

Non-Magnetic MRI Lights Single Pod Ceiling Mount Light

These lighting products are thoroughly tested for MRI compatibility. Long extension arms and a high rotation radius allows for optimal lighting in many different areas of your MRI unit. ideal for surgical applications and and specialty procedures where maneuverability and compact design are key requirements.

Non-Magnetic MRI Portable Lights

Non-Magnetic MRI Mobile Lights

MRIequip’s portable lighting is also a very effective means of lighting. Many doctors involved in MRI units highly recommend at least one portable MRI light in any unit. These lights are also excessively tested for MRI compatibility and has no limits to its reach, range of motion, and flexibility.

Non-Magnetic Lighting

There are many other products for your MRI lighting. If you want to view more options please look at MRIequip’s Non-Magnetic MRI Lighting Selection.

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The Working Electric Lego Wheelchair

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A man by the name of Simon Burfield has invented the first working Electric Lego Wheelchair. It is interesting to know that these things are possible.

Electric Lego Wheelchair

World's First Lego Electric Wheelchair Can Support a Two Hundred Pound Passenger


It is truly amazing that someone has taken the time to figure out a cost effective alternative to a normal electric wheelchair. This working electric Lego wheelchair obviously will not get you very far nor get you around very fast but for the resources needed to build this chair it really is a cost effective solution to easily move around your own home.

Features & Specifications

The working electric Lego wheelchair can hold up to 200lbs. That is a big accomplishment in itself. There is a joystick that allows you to move in all directions just like a regular electric wheelchair. You can find information on how to make this chair yourself as well as video instructions right here.


Nutrition Influences Metabolism Through Circadian Rhythms

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A high-fat diet affects the molecular mechanism controlling the internal body clock that regulates metabolic functions in the liver, UC Irvine scientists have found. Disruption of these circadian rhythms may contribute to metabolic distress ailments, such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

There’s good news, though. The researchers also discovered that returning to a balanced, low-fat diet normalized the rhythms. This study reveals that the circadian clock is able to reprogram itself depending on a diet’s nutritional content – which could lead to the identification of novel pharmacological targets for controlled diets.

Find more on this article at Medical News Today.


Wheelchair Transfer Boards

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Wheelchair Transfer Boards make getting wheelchair users in and out of their wheelchair easier. We’re showing different styles and types of transfer boards.

Wheelchair Transfer Boards

Show product details for Plastic Transfer Board - 8" x 27-1/8"Show product details for Plastic Transfer Board - 8" x 27-1/8"Show product details for Wood Transfer Board - 8" x 30"Show product details for Bariatric Wood Transfer Board - 12" x 29"Show product details for Beasy II Trans Transfer Board - 27 1/2"  LongShow product details for Beasy Trans Transfer Board - 40" Long

There are a few different styles of wheelchair transfer boards. All of them recommend a transfer belt. There are wooden transfer boards that are used for bigger transfers, and Beasy transfer boards for smaller areas like bathroom transfers. These Transferring systems have never made it easier to help get someone from one place to another.

Transferring From Your Wheelchair
When transferring someone from there wheelchair to a transfer board, make sure your board is securely placed. Next, make sure the wheelchair is securely locked.  Then you can begin the process of helping the wheelchair user get from the wheelchair to the transfer board. After that you can easily get he or she to or from where they are or have been going.

Transfer Board Features
Each one of these boards has different features to pride itself in. Some are very sturdy for bariatric use. Others are meant for a regular weight holding capacity and some of these are easier to use. Certain styles of these transfer boards let you sit in one spot and slide you to the other end of the board. Look at all of our transfer boards to figure out which one will work the best for you.


MedTech Winners of 2013

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Boston Scientific Watchman

Boston Scientific
Despite handing out pink slips like they were take-out menus this year, Boston Scientific managed to take effective steps toward righting a ship that had steered off course. During the Q2 earnings call in July, Boston Scientific surprised investors by showing a profit in the face of declining sales in addition to the first organic sales growth quarter since Q3 of 2009.

Find more on this article here!


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MRI Non-Magnetic Patient Monitoring, Thermometers, & Scales

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We’re going over advantages of MRI Non-Magnetic Patient Monitoring, Thermometers, & Scales. These items are necessary for most MRI Environments.

MRI Non-Magnetic Patient Monitoring, Thermometers, & Scales


Patient Monitoring


Patient monitoring systems are necessary to view the patient in any MRI room and MRI unit. These items are top of the line completely MRI Non-Magnetic Safety Monitoring Systems. It allows a technologist to easily monitor the MRI patient while inside the magnet. Our patient monitoring system utilizes one or more HD video cameras, which can be mounted on any wall in the magnet room.

MRI Non-Magnetic Skin Thermometers


These thermometers are MRI safe. This is another great item for MRI Non-Magnetic Patient Monitoring.

MRI Non-Magnetic Scales

Show product details for Digital 2-Piece Platform ScaleShow product details for Pro Plus Electronic Handrail Scale


There are a few different styles of MRI scales. The Digital 2-piece platform scale can be easily moved. It has a 9 ft. cord for extra reach. The electronic handrail scale is MRI safe and has a customizable backlit lcd displays.

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MRI Non-Magnetic Diagnostics

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There are many different diagnostic tools that are needed in a MRI environment. We’re going to go over a few tools involving MRI Non-Magnetic Diagnostics.

MRI Non-Magnetic Diagnostics

Everything that you would need in a regular hospital room you will need in a MRI unit. Except in a MRI room everything needs to be non-magnetic. We’re going to show you where you can find all of your MRI non-magnetic diagnostics and tell you a little bit about them. Click on the images to find out more about each item.


Show product details for MRI Non-Magnetic Stethoscope

You can find non-magnetic stethoscopes that are very lightweight and have non-chilling contact diaphragms. These stethoscopes are designed exclusively for use in high magnetic fields and MRI units.


Show product details for MRI Non-Magnetic Accusensor 38mm Radiotranslucent Foam Electrodes

Most electrodes based for MRI rooms are radio-translucent. This means that they are designed specifically for MRI Units, X-rays, Cath Labs, & Thallium Procedures. The carbon snaps on some of these MRI Electrodes do not interfere with nuclear imaging systems. Be sure to check if each electrode is latex free.



Blood pressure often needs to be taken in a MRI unit. Tools like MRI Non-Magnetic Sphygmomanometers, Blood Pressure Kits, Smart Tourniquets, & Latex-Free Cuffs and bladders will help you every step of the way in your MRI room.

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